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Devil on my Shoulder Single- Orla Gartland Review



‘Devil on my Shoulder’ is the exciting debut single from Irish talent Orla Gartland. This 17 year old girl has been gracing Youtube with her sensational skill since January 2009 and has posted 45 videos, both covers of chart hits and her own originals. Throughout each of these, she demonstrates her incredible acoustic guitar ability, and also wows viewers with her stunning voice.

On June 17th, the hard work finally paid off for Orla as she released her sinlge ‘Devil on my Shoulder’ on iTunes. Her loyal following built from her Youtube account assured its instant success as within one day it reached number 2 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart in Ireland, despite the mishap in iTunes misspelling her name as Orla  Gartl.

‘Devil on my Shoulder’ is a song deserving of this success. Gartland brings her own original sound throughout this song blending acoustic folk with slight pop elements. The lyrics tell the story of the Devil perched on Orla’s shoulder as she attempts to dislodge him and make it on her own. The beautiful voice of Orla Gartland is one of the best features of this song.

Accompanying ‘Devil on my Shoulder’ is the B-side song, ‘The Ground’. This is possibly one of the best pieces of original music written in recent times, up there with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver. Gartland again brings her own original sound in this wonderful piece. When she holds the long notes, her voice is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Prepare for some goose bumps!

You owe it to yourself to purchase both of these stunning original songs from the brilliant Orla Gartland. The future holds bright prospects for this amazing talent, and her many followers eagerly await the next instalment. — Orla’s Youtube channel— The link to purchase these songs


Laughing at my Own Jokes- Orla Gartland- Quick Review

Orla Gartland, a young girl from Dublin Ireland has become another youtube success story. Having gathered 4,909,909 video views, 33556 subscribers and uploading over 45 videos, her popularity has grown immensely since she first joined in January 2009. She is the 22nd most subscribed channel in Ireland, the 5th most subscribed musician in Ireland and the 19th most viewed musician in Ireland on youtube.

Her popularity has grown so much that she has released her first Ep; “Laughing at my Own Jokes”, available right now to download on iTunes. This 3 track Ep is a brilliant example of the outstanding up and coming Irish musical talent. It provides an intriguing mix of acoustic guitar, ukulele and magical vocals. The three tracks; ‘Adventure Time’, ‘Bruised’, and ‘All the Little Details’ are eah as strong as one another. Orla displays wonderful guitar and ukulele technique throughout, and her mesmerising voice only makes the Ep stronger.

I myself am one of Orla’s many subscribers, and I have watched many of her videos; covers and originals alike. Each and every one of them are outstanding renditions, and if have one criticism of the Ep, it is that more of her originals were not featured. I, like many others worldwide await the day she releases her first album. The future holds bright prospects for Orla Gartland.

5/5– Orla’s Youtube Channel– The link to purchase her Ep (I highly recommend following it)

Light Shape Sound- Miracle Bell Review

Light Shape Sound, the first studio album from Naas based Indie Rock band Miracle Bell was released in 2010. An intriguing combination of synth, electro pop and rock; the album improves each time you hear it. The Kildare trio deliver their own distinct sound on this well polished debut album.

Miracle Bell consists of Dave Prendergast- lead vocal, rhythm guitar and synth, John Broe- lead guitar, backing vocals and synth, and John Rigney- Drums and backing vocals. Each man brings his own quality to the group; and to the album Light Shape Sound. Prendergast with his distinct voice, Broe with his incredible guitar riffs and Rigney with his energetic drumming routines; it all brilliantly blends into one amazing album.

Throughout a three year period(2008-2011), six singles were released and each of these appeared on the ten track album. Each track presents its own individuality and stands strong on its own. There is not one track which lets the album down; each is of superior quality.

Miracle Bell, unlike a large number of chart artists in the world today retain their brilliance when they transition to the live stage. Prendergast’s vocals retain their strength, Broe’s personality and supreme guitar talent shines through his riffs and Rigney’s energetic pounding of the drums provides a beat to move to. Their sound remains outstanding.

Light Shape Sound is a brilliant debut album from one of Ireland’s most promising groups. The distinct sound captured within its ten tracks make it an amazing listen. Miracle Bell have set themselves up as one of the best Irish bands of modern times; and it seems as if they can only get better.